Cameroon: training of heads of departments in the North-West in cybersecurity

A three-day seminar on information and communication technologies entitled “ State personnel: the vector of best practices in cybersecurity ” was held at the end of July in Bamenda. The participants were managers of regional and departmental technical services and public bodies in the North-West.

The seminar organized by the National Agency for Information and Communication Technologies (Antic) highlighted the need to inculcate a culture of cybersecurity among civil servants in a region where many lack basic knowledge while many others were victims of cybercrime.

The skills taught focused on cybersecurity, cybercrime, legal framework, respect for human rights, privacy and data protection.

Participants were urged to embrace digitization and innovative digital solutions to facilitate the performance of their duties. Pr Ebot Ebot , Director General of Antic indicated that digital innovations have been designed to help Cameroon meet many of its development challenges by strengthening the capacities of actors in the effective use of ICT tools.

Source : Journal du