Innovation in cybersecurity: Algeria prepares to launch a national school

The Algerian government announced to the Council of Ministers, Tuesday September 12, 2023, a project aimed at creating a School higher national cybersecurity. The goal of this school is to unite efforts and improve efficiency in this sensitive area, for the preservation of national security.

The President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune praised the important role of higher education executives. The latter who have established their sector as a locomotive for scientific research and an example in terms of digitalization, in particular with the organization, for the first time, of a university start-up “zero paper”, in addition to the efficient contribution to the national effort to support the country's economy.

Said project will be under the direction of Ministry of Higher Education in collaboration with the Ministry of National Defense. For now ; the government did not provide further details on the project implementation schedule, as well as the type of training that will be offered.

Source: Press release from the Council of Ministers of Algeria

Christelle HOUETO
Digital journalist