Cybersecurity Development Index by Country [Case of Zimbabwe]

The GCI ( Global Cybersecurity Index) is an initiative of ITU, the specialized agency of the United Nations (UN) for information and communication technologies (ICT). It measures compliance with cybersecurity commitments by ITU Member States through five pillars – legal measures, technical measures, organizational measures, capacity development measures and cooperation measures. Each of the pillars is scored out of a maximum score of 20. The index aims to better understand countries' cybersecurity commitments, identify gaps, encourage the integration of good practices and provide useful information for countries to improve their cybersecurity posture.

For the past few weeks, Africa Cybersecurity Mag has been providing a report on the cybersecurity development index of African countries, based on the GCI, the documents of many international structures and especially on the legislative supports within African countries.

This week, discover the Cybersecurity Development Index of Zimbabwe , an African country with a particular Cybersecurity Index.

[ Download Zimbabwe Cyber Security Development Index ]

[ Guide to Zimbabwean Cybersecurity and Data Protection Law developed by MISA Zimbabwe ]

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