Focus on eight African women in cybersecurity

The cybersecurity sector is growing today. Although in this sector, it is easier to find men at all levels, it is important to emphasize that there are women with very specialized knowledge and skills.

On the occasion of International Women's Day celebrated every March 8 , Africa CyberSecurity Mag has decided to highlight 8 female practitioners of cybersecurity in Africa .

1. Ryma Abassi (Tunisia)


Holder of a doctorate in networks and telecommunications as well as a researcher in security, she is currently a professor and director of studies and internships at the Higher Institute of Technological Studies in Communications of Tunis (ISET'Com). A member of the digital security research unit at the École Supérieure des communications de Tunis, his current research focuses on two areas: network security and formal methods. Ryma Abassi has published dozens of articles in the field of mobile and dynamic network security and authored two books on the subject. Since April 2020, she has been a member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Cyber Forensics and Advanced Threat Investigations.

2. Feriel Bouakkaz (Algeria)

feriel_bouakkaz.jpg A teacher-researcher at Efrei Paris, Fériel Bouakkaz is the first woman in France to obtain the CEI (Certified EC-Council Instructor) accreditation, which allows her to provide engineers with training to become certified ethical hackers (CEH).




3. Lydie Ngo Nogol (Cameroon)

Lydie-Ngo-Nogol.jpgShe is Chief Information Security Officer at PwC Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa. Previously, she was, for more than 11 years, "Senior Manager" Information Security at MTN Cameroon. Long before, she worked at CFAO Technologies as “Data Network Technical Support”. She holds an MBA from the School of Management Sciences (ESG UQAM), a degree in electrical engineering and industrial computing from the University Institute of Technology of Douala Cameroon.

4. Nkiruka Aimienoho (Nigeria)

Nkiruka_Aimienoho.jpg She is Senior Manager, Cyber Security, Privacy and Resilience at PwC Nigeria and has extensive experience in Information Security, Cyber Risk Management, Business Strategy, Enterprise Risk Management, Security Standards IT, technology, IT governance, risk and compliance. She works with organizations as a trusted strategic advisor/partner to increase revenue by making cybersecurity a dynamic and proactive part of their strategy, operations, and culture, and building business resilience capabilities that empower them. enable us to adapt, survive and thrive in the face of uncertainty. She has notably led ISO 27001, ISO 22301, ISO 20000 certifications, maintenance and capacity building efforts for various leading companies in Africa.

5. Eve Kilel (Kenya)

eve_kilel.jpg A Cybersecurity Engineer at Safaricom PLC, she is also the co-founder of the organization “SheHacksKe”. Previously, she was a senior cybersecurity consultant at EY and an application security trainer at IBM. A computer engineer, she graduated from the University of Karabak in Kenya.


6. Christine Masiika Thembo (United Kingdom)

Christine_Masiika_Thembo.jpg She is a Digital Forensics Analyst at Applied Principles Consulting, a leading IT security and forensics firm in Uganda, Kenya, South Africa and Ghana.


7. Celia Mantshiyane (South Africa)

Celia_Mantshiyane.jpg Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Coca-Cola Beverages Africa, she specializes in IT infrastructure management, IT operations management, risk management and information security. She holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a focus on business administration and management from GIBS Business School (Gordon Institute of Business Science), South Africa.


8. Veronica Schmidt (South Africa)

Veronica-Schmitt.jpgShe has been working in computer security since the age of 18, straight out of school. Veronica Schmitt's forensic career began in 2008. She is considered a leading authority in the field of digital forensics and incident response by her peers, both in South Africa and the United States. international. She is currently one of two directors of DFIRLABS, an independent private practice in digital forensics, computer security incident response and electronic discovery in South Africa.


The editorial staff of Africa CyberSecurity Mag