DRC Cybersecurity Index: Between laws and framework documents, the results of a country in full digital transformation

The Democratic Republic of Congo in its ambitious digital development plan has set up its strategic planning document: the National Digital Plan "Horizon 2025" .

It contains major guidelines that should lead to the transformation of Congolese society into an information society with, at the end of the day, the development of strategies for a real structuring of the digital industry in the DRC.
It is based on four strategic pillars:

  • Infrastructure
  • Contents
  • Application uses
  • Governance and regulation that place cybersecurity among the top priorities

Despite the existence of framework laws for the fight against cybercrime, the development of cybersecurity does not present a glowing or glowing record. For example, the Congo will have to make its "National Information Systems Security Agency" operational, make progress in terms of data protection, etc. Many markers are missing.

All this earned him in the latest GCI ranking, the position of 170th in the world and 40th in Africa.

Between evolving data protection legislation and the establishment of institutions, you can download and consult the Cybersecurity Index of the DRC , a country in full digital transformation.

The editorial staff of Africa Cybersecurity Mag