Cybersecurity Development Index by Country [Case of Mali]

The Global Cybersecurity Index (GCI ) is a multi-stakeholder initiative to raise cybersecurity awareness and measure countries' commitment to cybersecurity that cuts across multiple industries and sectors. The level of development or commitment of each country is assessed according to the following five pillars: legal measures, technical measures, organizational measures, capacity development and cooperation

Despite its very particular political situation, Mali, like many African countries, has placed cybersecurity at the heart of its priorities. The protection of personal data is a major issue and is governed by Law No. 2013-015 of May 21, 2013 on the protection of personal data in the Republic of Mali. Even if many boxes remain to be ticked, the main tools for the fight against cybercrime are present, as are the organizations to ensure repression. With regard to the repression itself, opinions are divided. However, it should be noted that there is no national cybersecurity strategy and, above all, no organization to support its implementation.

Discover this week, the update on the situation in terms of cybersecurity in the Republic of Mali through the Cybersecurity Development Index in Mali .

The editorial staff of Africa Cybersecurity Mag